"When Love-cars frontman James Diers asks, 'What's spilling out over me' during one of the many noisy climaxes on his band's riveting third CD [THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW], it's clear that his mess is coming from within. Diers and his band of less-than-merry gentlemen -- including Happy Apple's Dave King on drums -- apparently scoured every miserable relationship and unhappy story they could think of to make up this roller-coaster ride of an album, co-produced by 12Rods' Ev. ... [T]hese guys convincingly build up Sunny Day Real Estate-like climaxes made of guitar walls and lyrical pitfalls in 'You & the Sound' and 'How Old Are You Now?' There's a lot more sophistication than that soft-to-hard roar, though. 'Licorice' and 'My Shoestring' are lighter pop gems ... while the brilliant 'Let's Start a Band' and untitled second track recall the sweeping soundscapes of the Flaming Lips or the Doves."

(Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 2002)

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