"The first song on the latest Love-cars offering [THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW] is 'Let's Start a Band,' a snapshot of a soul at a crossroads between boredom and brashness that spirals off to the self-evident conclusion, 'So let's start a band/Wrap souls around our friends/Things that make us laugh/Do our best to make things happen.' That wizened voice belongs to James Diers, a wordsmith and obvious sound addict who has never sounded so vulnerable, confused or wide-eyed as he does on these 12 tracks. Built on a bed of acoustic and electric guitars and orchestral, operatic, sonic youth arrangements, THANK YOU is a puzzle of syllables and sounds that more often than not pushes past its own tendencies toward irony into self-awareness. ... 'You & the Sound' is a lovely rumination on life and times, 'My Shoestring' is a complicated love song with darkness in its heart, and 'Friends' is a trippy reminder to seize the night. Best of all is 'How Old Are You Now?' which finds Diers at his most concise and which could stand as any generation's anti-anthem."

(St. Paul Pioneer Press, January 2002)

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